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Synergetic Classroom

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Synergetic sunburst: C.M. Charles


Creating a synergetic classroom

To address and prevent misbehavior, Charles proposes creating a “synergetic classroom.” He defines synergy as “a state characterized by high energy, creativity and production. The people and other entities involved in synergy feed psychic energy to each other [giving teachers and students] peak educational experiences that leave them exhilirated” (9).


In a synergetic classroom, the teacher fosters an environment where students are motivated, learning flourishes, and discipline problems are manageable.

When misbehavior occurs, teacher and students together identify the cause and work to remove or correct the problem.


This collaborative process begins at the start of the school year in a series of meetings where the students and teacher develop a mutually agreed-upon set of class guidelines. These initial meetings also lay the groundwork for building a strong learning relationship between the students and teacher by showcasing the importance of trust and communication. Engaged, empowered students are motivated to cooperate in the learning process.


Elements of a

synergetic classroom

Charles defines nine components essential to creating a synergetic classroom:







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