Human Relations


The eighth characteristic of a synergetic classroom is good human relations. By that Charles means 

how students treat each other and how teacher and students interact, specifically (109):



When students engage in positive human relations, they “increase the potential for effective collaboration with others, which makes more likely the release of energy that leads to classroom synergy” (119).




Human relations skills

Charles suggests introducing and practicing human-relations skills through role-playing in class meetings and then coaching students to transfer the skills to day-to-day interactions. Specific skills that we should model and help students develop include (109-11):


  • Breaking the ice
  • Making a good first impression
  • Opening up communication
  • Helping another person cooperate
  • Conferring dignity by valuing and respecting others
  • Building trust


Behaviors to display

Charles outlines a set of specific behaviors that “carry our messages to others” (110-14):








Behaviors to avoid

To maintain good human relations, avoid these behaviors (114-15):



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