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Ethics and Trust

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Ethics are the foundation upon which Charles builds his model for good teaching. Teachers must always show (25-29):


  • Kindness: Follow the Golden Rule.   


  • Consideration: Let students have their dignity and accept them the way they are. 

  • Faith in students: Show interest in students' progress and believe in their successful future.


  • Helpfulness: Lend a hand with everyday difficulties and making social adjustments.


  • Fairness: Treat everyone according to their individual circumstances.  


  • Honesty: Say what you mean and mean what you say; keep promises.


  • Patience: Give pleasant help many times while working toward progress. 


Charles realizes that no one is perfect, but we must always strive to leave those less-than-perfect behaviors outside of school.


Ethics build trust

If we, as teachers, consistently show these qualities to our students, they will come to trust us and synergy can develop. Students should be treated with respect to protect their personal dignity and allow them to succeed in school.


Trust is built slowly over time and can be lost quickly by treating students harshly or unfairly. Once trust is damaged, it is even more difficult to rebuild.


Charles likens building and depleting trust to a bank account (31). All the ethical behavior your students observe and feel from you accumulates as deposits into their “trusting account.” Any treatment they see or recievefrom you that is judged unethical (unfair, inconsiderate, impatient, dishonest, or harsh) can quickly cause drastic withdrawals from the account. If all the accounts in your classroom are in good shape, students will cooperate with you willingly and accept your values and teachings. You will be on your way to creating a synergetic classroom.


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